Our Mission: Help IT decision-makers manage the rapid pace of change in the market.

Empowering IT decision-makers to make the best first step in their procurement process

Given the rapid pace of change in the IT landscape, CIOs are struggling to keep up. Kaizen Advisory hopes to solve this by helping leaders manage the rapid pace of change in the market.
Kaizen Advisory empowers and lightens the burden on decision-makers by condensing hundreds of the market-leading suppliers and niche players into a bespoke independent supplier shortlist to de-risk the start of the procurement process.
We want to save you endless sales meetings with the wrong suppliers and provide you will the very latest market research and intelligence so you can be assured you have made the best decision for your business. Why risk doing it yourself?

A Partner to help you make informed IT decisions

Kaizen Advisory exists to enable organisations around the globe to become the best they can be by providing the technology that allows them to make the smartest decisions possible when it comes to the procurement process. We seek to drive the growth of our clients by delivering value, assisting where we can and even acting as extensions of their own IT teams.
Kaizen is driven to give CIOs the confidence to use only the best technology for their respective organisations.

Jim Marshall-Andrew

Leaders use Kaizen Advisory. Here’s why.

IT decision-makers are typically managing numerous tasks, with limited time and resources. To find the right supplier and solution can take months and still carries a degree of risk. Is there a better solution out there?
Kaizen Advisory solves these problems by combining powerful technology and industry expertise to assist in IT planning, decision-making, and procurement. This significantly shortens the whole process, allowing you to focus solely on the things that matter to your business.