SD-WAN and Masergy

Written by kaizenadvisory

February 25, 2021

Not all SD-WAN offerings are the same, as part of our SD-WAN series we are looking at Masergy. Where are they strong and where are they less so?

Their own network was built as a software defined platform from the very start 20 years ago so they are well established.

Focus on Enterprises who are looking to link sites in at least 3 different countries.

Offer a fully managed service from over the top public access through to end-to-end private – if you want wires only, they are not the one.

24x7x365 Global support; call straight in to speak to our network specialists.

SLA’s include <1ms of jitter globally, 100% in-sequence packet delivery, fast failover <50ms and can change bandwidth on demand via state of the art portal – enables complete visibility and control.

NPS score 70+ for third year and the only ‘Visionary’ in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Key sectors: Financial, Legal, Manufacturing and Pharma – not a good fit for Public Sector.

Offer a fully managed security overlay on all SD-WAN connections with various solutions depending on security requirements.

Completely access agnostic; offer and source connectivity to link into their own private global network as well as direct access to public clouds such as AWS and Azure.

If you would like to discuss your Connectivity requirements or have a free demo, please contact me at Kaizen Advisory

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