Thinking of SD-WAN

Written by kaizenadvisory

February 25, 2021

How do you know which SD-WAN provider is best for your business? There are numerous providers each with their own offering. Can you differentiate between CATO, Aryaka, Masery, Talari to name just a few?

There is no doubt SD-WAN can really help a business, a few of the reasons are below:

Transport Agnostic – you can use any existing connections e.g. MPLS, DIA, Cellular, Broadband… This allows you to route traffic over any connection, helping improve options and resilience. The speed to deploy is also way better than traditional lead times.

Dynamic Path Selection – monitor and route traffic in real time with full visibility of the network. This can help reduce network opex costs and allow you to turn passive backup networks into a more active role.

Application Aware – apply policy to ensure the right applications are prioritised. Keeps key business applications running effectively across your organisation.

Overlay Architecture – encrypts traffic over the various links

Simply Management – push out configuration changes centrally, monitor and review application analytics and remove lots of hardware components, greatly simplifying network management.

There are many other reasons and benefits to deploying an SD-WAN, if you need help deciphering which options and suppliers may be the best fit for your business, please let Kaizen Advisory know and one of our Trusted Advisors will happily assist.

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